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Supertrack X10MK3 Ka

KNS Ka-Band : communications Supertrack X-Series


Image Description

Standard Features

  • Built in Shock absorber & Wire rope Isolator
  • High Power Rotary Joint
  • Web interface & Remote software Upgrade available
  • Simplicity
    Integrated into one module from Motor Driver, RF control module, PCU
  • Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control
  • Unlimited Azimuth & Brake System
  • Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS's Distinction Algorithm
  • Pre-programmed Satellite Database
    Editable 80 satellite data
  • Antenna Control Unit
    3 Types of Gyro Input(NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step)

The SuperTrack X-Series is the perfect solution for ships looking for broadband speeds at sea. 
Stay in touch with your networks via high speed access to the internet, email, multiple VoIP phones and more.